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25 years manufacturing boxes

Formerly known as Abergavenny Sawmill limited, we manufacture UK standard potato boxes and picnic tables at our  premises in South Wales.

We also make boxes or bins for Cabbage, Apples, Carrots, Beetroot, logs, fishing nets and many other things besides!

Our robust potato box is used all over the country. We use all modern softwood species from sustainable forests. Prices vary throughout the year, so please get in touch for a quote.

We offer discounts for large orders.

Potato Crates
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Our family business

Our business began in 1989 when my late father (pictured left) started selling fencing stakes from a disused railway yard.

Today, things have grown and we are fortunate to supply customers throughout the UK some of the best potato boxes and storage crates available on the market.

We also manufacture heavy duty picnic tables and benches available to hire for events at

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British Standard Potato Boxes

Our standard potato boxes use a 100mm x 75mm corner post (larger than most) and a 125mm gap for forks under the box. 25mm boards are used all round on the sides and base and 64mm galvanised ring shank nails hold it all together.

Daffodil / Bulb Box

This box, made substantially from exterior plywood is used in storing and drying of bulbs. Designed to stack 7 high and to withstand regular sterilisation in hot water. It is used in a forced ventilation system for the ultimate control over the drying conditions and has a perforated steel base to allow optimum ventilation up through the box.

Log Boxes

We supply boxes for the storage and drying of logs. Most customers will use our standard box, some require specific customisations which we are able to accommodate on an add-hock basis.

Custom Wooden Crates

If you have a requirement for a specific size crate, we are always able to design something to meet your needs. We have supplied crates for many kinds of fruits and vegetables, also fishing nets, roof tiles, building materials and much more!

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Or call: 01873 859188